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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 17, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. on this wednesday, march 17th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, every vote counts. the final push to pass health care, as we learn what one, key lawmaker will decide this morning. with the final tally just days away, the top vote-counters on both sides debate days he's coming back. tiger woods set to play in the masters in three weeks. why is he choosing now to make his comeback? oprah in court. a judge refuses to throw out a defamation lawsuit against her. and now, she'll have to take the stand. it's being called the sickest ship on the sea. three times in a row, this cruise ship set sail, only to return with hundreds of ill passengers. what's the cure?
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top of the morning to you. where is -- oh. >> got the shamrock. happy st. patrick's day, everyone. >> can tell. just slap george. >> it's true. >> we greeks like to say st. patrick was a greek. >> was he really? or you just like to say that? >> we claim that. it's a long story. >> good morning. we're on a time line for the health care reform bill and when the vote will actually happen. that's ahead. >> democrats hope to lock down a vote by saturday night. also, a month after that pained apology, tiger woods announced he will return to golf at the masters. we'll have immediate reaction. >> immediate reaction for the bookies. already an early favorite. just within hours, they made him the early favorite. and later, new details in
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the search for the mom who disappeared with her young son. her minivan has been found. but there's no sign of them. we have the surveillance tapes that could hold new clues. we begin with the health care battle, down to the wire. democrats still pushing hard for a vote by the end of the week, despite lingering questions over how much the bill will cost. how exactly it should be voted on. and whether they have the votes. also later this morning, one of the key, undecided democrats will announce how he's going to vote. jon karl is covering it all at the capitol. jon? >> reporter: that's dennis kucinich. we expect to hear from him before long. we also expect to have a cost estimate of the bill, which will trigger a 72-hour countdown to a final vote. with time running out, democratic leaders met until late into the night, gearing up for the final 72-hour battle over health care. the opposition is gearing up, too. protesters coming to washington. and on the radio, rush limbaugh doing something he rarely does. urging his listeners to call
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members of congress. >> it's time to go all-out here. i have two toll-free telephone numbers here. they're both to the capitol switchboard. >> reporter: a move that overloaded the congressional switchboard for much of the day. but a determined speaker of the house is charging ahead, saying she may use a controversial procedure that would allow members to vote on changes to the unpopular senate health care bill, without actually voting on the bill itself. >> we will do what is necessary to pass a health care bill. >> reporter: republicans are accusing the democrats of dirty tricks. >> last year, they thought that you could pass a bill without having to read it. this year, they want us to pass a bill without having a vote on it. >> reporter: now, george, we've been tracking the 37 democrats who voted no on health care in november. as of this morning, still, not a single one willing to go to yes. but with dennis kucinich later this morning, democrats are hoping that one will go from no, to yes.
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the first one, migrating into the yes camp. a small but very significant step towards passing health care in the house. >> that's right, jon. and top democrats i talked to don't know for sure. but they do hope that dennis kucinich will be a yes. two of the key vote counters for the house. denny hoyer. it takes 216 votes to pass. how many do you have today? >> i don't have a precise number. if i did, i probably wouldn't give it to you, mr. o'ste mr. o'stephanopoulos. the bless, right up to the last minute. do you have the votes? we think we do. and we did. we think we'll have the votes when the role is called. >> congressman kantor, you put out a vote count in february. you did the work for them. coming up very short. and you had a conclusion. we want to show our viewers that confusion. speaker pelosi will not be able
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to muster the votes needed to pass a senate reconciliation bill in the house. do you still stand by that conclusion? >> george, i will say this. so far, that prediction is accurate. obviously, they don't have the votes yet. i know they're working very hard. the problem is, i think there's a lot of uncertainty, still, surrounding this bill. and frankly, the american people, i think, think there's a better way. we've been working on this health care bill for a year. the latest news about this health care bill is, perhaps, there is an additional cost that it would push the bill over a trillion dollars, which would result in more medicare cuts to seniors. again, i think there's a lot of uncertainty. people are very frightened about the cost of this bill. i believe that's why there's so much difficulty. >> george, let me say in terms of debt, since the president addressed the nation on health care, the support has gone up 18 points. and "the wall street journal" poll that just came out, shows the majority of those responding
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indicate they're for the bill. an "economist" poll showed the same thing a week ago. we think support is growing for this bill, as they see what we're doing. putting americans, and small business in charge of insurance. opening up and making transparent markets. making sure the pre-existing conditions can't preclude people. >> we have a lot to get to. i know that nbc/"wall street journal" poll is a mixed message. but there's a controversy this morning over the procedure you're contemplating using, where you would deem the senate bill passed. and the rule for this reconciliation bill. i know there's precedent for seeing this done. but some constitutional scholars say that is unconstitutional. and with legislation so divisive and so consequential to so many people, wouldn't it be better to have a clean, up-or-down vote on the senate bill? >> we'll have a clean, up-or-down vote on the senate bill.
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this is a procedure that was used almost 100 times under newt gingrich. and over 100 times by speaker hastert, which mr. cantor supported, most of the time, if not all of the time. this is not an unusual procedure. we're going to vote on a rule. and like a conference report. conference report comes back. you vote on it. with amendments. unfortunately, the republicans are a little bit like the boy who killed his two parents and then wants sympathy because they're an orphan. they slowed up this bill. wouldn't agree to go to conference. we're going to report out what is essentially a conference report, with amendments. we'll vote on the senate bill in the rule. then, we'll amend the senate bill in the process that is called -- well, forget about the process called. the process that the republicans used 72% of the time that it's been used. >> respond to that congressman cantor. it sounds like the democrats have made a decision to deem the
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bill. republicans have used this process before. >> george this, is a process that you can avoid direct up-or-down vote on a bill. and again, when you're dealing with a bill like this, that will cost a trillion dollars and it will affect health care for every man, woman and child in this country, i don't think you can go republic. this is an attempt to hide the vote. there's no doubt about it. yes, steny is right. the rules of the house allow for this deeming provision. it's called a self-executing provision, which means that once the bill, the rule for the next bill passes, the senate bill automatically is deemed as having passed. but again, why do that? this is so big. i mean, we should have an up-or-down vote. >> we have ten seconds left. >> go to conference. >> we have ten seconds left. quick question for each of you. congressman cantor, will you file a challenge if they use this procedure? and congressman hoyer, will you get congressman kucinich? yes or no?
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>> i'm not a constitutional lawyer. i know it's an attempt to hide the vote on this trillion-dollar health care bill. >> they used it a couple of hundred times when they were in charge. and with respect to congressman kucinich, i think he needs to make that announcement himself. i'm not going to make it for him. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. >> thanks, george. >> did you think they would answer in ten seconds? keep hope alive. now, to tiger woods and his announcement that his self-imposed exile from golf will end next month at the masters. it's a golf tournament that holds a very special place for tiger. that's where he won his first major. and it also can be the perfect place for his return. john berman has been covering this from the very beginning and tells us why the masters. >> reporter: good morning, robin. one p.r. executive described tiger's return to me as the super bowl on steroids. it will be a huge deal for golf. a huge deal for fans. and an incredibly high-stakes
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moment for tiger woods. he's won the masters four times. it's no surprise that in his statement, tiger woods said, augusta is where i need to be. and if you listen to his fellow golfers, augusta needs to have him. >> it's awesome to have your stud back, our star. he carried our tour. >> reporter: tv rates for golf dropped as much as 50% without woods playing. now, like him or not, the fans tell us, they'll be back, big-time. >> i'm glad he's back. missed him. i'm sure a lot of people feel the same way. he's great to watch. >> i love tiger. >> yeah. >> reporter: the pressure will be on. from fans and sponsors. >> this has to be the moment that tiger woods shows the world that he's growing up. >> reporter: keeping his cool is not always easy for woods. the slightest sound, sometimes setting him off. >> come on. >> reporter: but at the masters, everyone, fans and media, must be on their best behavior. or else. >> you can be removed. there's a sense of decorum that has to be practiced.
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so, tiger's going to really be able to concentrate on playing golf. >> reporter: but the masters can't protect him from those who question the sincerity of his apology three weeks ago, when he made a return sound uncertain. >> i do plan to return to golf one day. i just don't know when that day will be. >> reporter: that day, in less than three weeks. now, one of the big questions -- will elin woods be with tiger at the masters? you know, she didn't always travel with tiger before. the question, will she now? in his statement, tiger woods said, i'm continuing my treatment. although i'm returning to competition, i have a lot of work to do in my personal life. >> he does. john, thank you. for more now, joining us from orlando, florida, is mike tirico, of espn. you have covered tiger for many years. picking up on john berman's report, why the masters? why now? >> most-controlled setting, as john indicated within that story. the only people inside the ropes at the masters are the
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contestants, the caddies, the rules officials and a couple of the cameras that show the tv pictures. by and large, compared to a regular pga tour event. more pristine environment. less distractions. >> when he returns it will be 144 days, about 5 months. he's had a longer break after his knee surgery. but there's no much expectation for him right now. how has he been preparing physically and mentally for his return, do you think, mike? >> i would say on the fiscal side, just seeing over the last few week, his swing coach, hank haney, working with tiger in florida, that's about a parallel timeline to the coach visits tiger to get him ready for a major golf championship. wouldn't be surprised if there's another visit between now and then. the mentally is the million-dollar question here, robin. we don't have those answers. we don't know how tiger is approaching golf. if it's with the same zeal and
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zest and single-mindedness that's he's known before. when he gets to the 1st tee, many haven't seen him and nobody knows how he's going to play. as you said, it's been 144 days. >> we don't know about the new tiger. the old tiger, he doesn't just want to be there. he wants to win. you feel the result is not the big issue here. it's just the fact that he's coming back. >> i think that's why it's important that it's augusta because of the most-controlled environment going in. to use the apollo terms in the nasa days, it's a reentry back into this world and the softest possible landing. it's not the safest landing. but the softest in terms of the amount of media that will be there. the questions he'll get. and the reception he gets from the patrons, the people who come to the golf tournament. it's about reentry, not going to the top of the golf world, in terms of results at this time. >> think back to 2006. of course, it was a different circumstance.
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father earl, beloved father earl, passed away. he came back to the u.s. open and missed the cut. only five or six times in his pro career that he missed the cut. could it be a little too soon, do you think, mike? >> you don't know because it's been that long. and people say if you're playing golf to practice, why can't you take that to the golf course? the competition of going against somebody in tournament conditions, having to make a putt or a shot, that's something you can't replicate when you're practicing on a golf course. i will say this. tiger knows how to manage augusta as well as anyone. four times a winner there. very successful. i think that will maximize his results on the course by coming back to a place he's so familiar with. >> that's true. mike tirico, thank you very much. and where are the first two rounds of the masters -- that's right. on espn. i know you're not disappointed about that. >> we'll be there, for sure. i'll probably talk to you then. >> i'm sure you will, mike. thanks so much.
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have a good day. appreciate it. >> there's going to be a lot of people playing hookie to watch espn that thursday morning. we'll go to the wrath of last month's nor'easter. it's still being felt. it put cities under water, left hundreds without power. and some are being told they can't go home for >> is >> you can see the streets still completely under water, the homes, you can measure the water up to the size of the homes. that's a car, the water is still up to the hood days in to this. this water slowly begins to reseed. this is great falls. this is patterson new jersey. look at this neighborhood. this is little falls new jersey. four days after the wicked
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storms, the only way to get around in new jersey in some places is by boat. this family will waiting to -- to get back home. they are dumping rocks along the banks to control it. and in rhode island, the arctic million dam could give away. >> if it did give away, we wouldn't have enough time to notify the residents. the worst winter rainstorm in history here, today, clear skies and in the upper 60s.
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that's good news. >> good morning, everyone. we took advantage of the weekend storm in the northeast. investigators say they cut a hole in a roof of a warehouse and stole anti depressants. honda, they are having finally, the white house
7:18 am
is going green this st. patty's day, you are looking at a fountain that is in green. michelle obama was inspired by a river nearby her hometown chicago, green river. >> n. >> this looks really great. >> [ laughter ]. >> lap >> we are going to start with the high with the flood that is going on in the country. more than a third of the country this spring, we are above normal flood threat. 22 river gauges, all of the eyes are on fargo today. check out the temperatures here at fargo, and we have
7:19 am
minneapolis, and we are getting to near 60, that's why the snow melt is a problem. we will continue along the way. but the crest is not until the weekend. that's the weather around the nation. your local forecast 30 30 seconds away, but first, we have our morning commercial brought to you by raisin bran. >> good morning. we have some sun glear on --
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glare this morning on the community. it's a guaranteed high of 64 this afternoon. tomorrow, we are going to build on the heat. we have 68 with sun, we are aiming to 70 on friday and saturday. we have a pull back with showers on sunday. >> >> thank you, sam. >> >> t >> coming up we have a search for a missing mom and her eight year old son. >> car. no sight of them. are there clues on these no sight of them. are there clues on these surveillance tapes? gangs valent. violence was all over. families were falling apart. you can't raise children in a community like that. people had been talking about things, but not doing anything. hi, mr. canada... how are you? i'm doing great, how 'bout you? right here on 119th street. if we could fix this block, then we could fix the next block,
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>> >> good morning. it's 7:24, the sun is coming up by the eastern skies. we are 43 right now.
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we have cut across the area, and you will notice that most of us is in the 40s. laurel is in the lower 40s, but that will be changing quickly. all of this will be changing quickly once we get the sun to do it's things. it's a beautiful st. patrick's day. today 64, we are taking the clouds out of the eway shun -- equasion. how about 70s on friday and saturday? we have spring arriving on saturday, and then we have some cooler weather and
7:26 am
temperatures, some rain and in the lower 60s. >> here in the northeast corner, we are incident free. thanks goodness. as we take a look at the map, heading to d.c., that's where you are going to have some problem. greenbelt road remains shut down. one accident in our area, that's going to be in essex at back river neck road, and we are going to some increased volume. it's going to take you about 6 minutes. and southbound 795 between the boulevard and the belt way,
7:27 am
it's going to take you about 9 minutes. it's going to be pretty slow as you are heading through essex. we will be back with your morning news update, up next.
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child -- right now, they are not required to do so, and there is a hearing on the bill tomorrow.
7:29 am
police say they have found the body of jeryll foster, and her boyfriend has been charged with murder. her body was found off of interstate 95 heading to virginia. today is st. patty's day, if you are going to drink ndaps3 drive, please call a cab. let's go back to new york, we have more good morning america. >> >>
7:30 am
and here, what i think may end up being the best game of the tournament, kentucky/west virginia. and i think kentucky pulls it out. >> march madness hits the white house. there's president obama filling out his brackets for the ncaas. that's his favorite game, what he thinks will be the best game. his picks for the final four coming up. he got them all right last year. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> this year, he also filled out brackets for the women's tournament, as well. and i'm robin roberts. it's the dream vacation turned nightmare for the third time in a month. a stomach bug has sickened hundreds of passengers aboard the cruise ship, "the celebrity
7:31 am
mercury." what's going on? and how can you stay healthy on your next vacation? >> that'coming up. first, to the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a 29-year-old washington woman and her 8-year-old son. last year, shantina smiley, was supposed to be on her way to visit her stepmother. but neither she nor the little boy showed up. >> reporter: the final hours leading to the disappearance of shantina smiley, are ones that authorities can't unravel and loved ones can't understand. >> it's an empty, scary dark place. >> reporter: the trail of this young mother and her 8-year-old son runs cold along the water outside olympia, washington, where her minivan was found stuck in the mud. doors open, with smiley's wallet still inside. it would be hard to wind up here by mistake. the area couldn't be more remote. and is nowhere near her intended
7:32 am
destination. her fiance says she is a recoverirecover ing alcoholic. and was on the way to visit her stepfather. greenville thi use for directions. >> we could have been the last people that have seen her ever. i hope that's not the case. >> reporter: all police know for sure, is her path that night, is a confused one. leaving no sign of the mother or her son. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, olympia,
7:33 am
washington. >> and rob simmons joins us from seattle. rob, thank you for joining us this morning. i know it's very painful. how are you holding up? >> i don't know how i'm able to keep going. we've only been home for a couple of hours. got a couple hours' sleep. my daughter and i got home. got a couple of hours' sleep. we left the house with our clothes on our back. we went down to olympia on sunday. we've been in hotels. just been running ragged. and i had to put a call out to, you know, shantina and i were sub scout leaders. and just ask them to bring us clothes and stuff over to get clean, get out of the clothes. take a decent shower. brush our teeth. and they brought plenty of stuff
7:34 am
for us. >> robb, take us back to last saturday. you were heading to shantina's stepfather's house saturday evening. tell us about the last time you spoke to her. >> the last time i talked to her was about ten minutes after 4:00. i was at a training session for scouts for the outdoor experience. she called me up and told me she was getting ready to hit the road. and asked if i needed anything? and i said grab my cell phone charger because my phone's low on battery here. and she said she would. and she said she was getting ready to hit the road. okay. i'll see you on the road. and i thought she would have been on the road. and we got wrapped up at 4:30. i got on the road right behind them, figured i would pull up next to them. and we'd be able to drive down together. and that never happened. >> the few reports we've heard, suggest that shantina was disoriented at times. and you've mentioned she had problems with alcohol in the
7:35 am
past. any recent problems? >> just the relapse last week. i've been having some health conditions. you know, when you look on the internet and you see all of the potential things that a symptom could have, went from trivial to very serious. that i might have a certain amount of time. and i haven't had a chance to follow that up. but i've been holding up pretty good, in light of everything here. you know, that caused her to go to a place where she had to find something to deal with the stress. and that was her way of dealing with the stress. >> it seems like you're holding up as well as you possibly can. again, we do thank you for being with us. if shantina is watching this morning, anything you'd like to say to her? >> i just want you home, baby. i want you and azreal home. we're all praying. and everybody's hurting that loves us. all of our friends are calling up. our co-workers are calling. everyone's calling. they want you home. and i want you home. and i wanted to wake up in the
7:36 am
morning and just see you, hold you. and i just want to see azreal and hang out with him and do stuff with both you guys. we've got a lot of years left. and we've got a lot of plans. and i want to make those happen with you. >> well, we hope you can all be together soon. robb simmons, thanks very much for your time this morning. >> thank you. it's time, now, for the weather and sam. >> good morning, again. we're going to talk about this flooding, particularly from the dakotas all the way through minnesota and iowa. this will be the first time in recorded history we have back-to-back near-record flooding events. this is going to really be a mess as we head toward the weekend. let's get to the boards. we'll show you what's going on. remember the pictures of folks sandbagging and all of the folks helping from everywhere. and the kids got out of school yesterday to do some sandbagging in that region. it will be necessary. and here's the reason why. let's break this down a little
7:37 am
bit. we'll deal with the temperatures first. this is way above normal here. the snow melt in that area, very warm temperatures, from 49 to 59 degrees. then, we have a front moving in. there was a fear that there would be rain and snow in that area. additional accumulations. now, it doesn't look like that will happen. but we'll be watching that front go all the way through the region for the weekend just in case. here's some incredible numbers. boston at 60 degrees. new york at 65. this is gorgeous e more of america's st. patrick's day weather when we come back in a minute. george? >> okay, sam.
7:38 am
thanks. when we come back, the sick ship. why did passengers aboard this cruise liner keep getting ill? how can you protect yourself at sea? if you've had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery, another heart attack could be lurking, waiting to strike. a heart attack caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix taken with other heart medicines, goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone, to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death by helping to keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots. ask your doctor about plavix.
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more than 16 million people go on a cruise every year. and the vast majority of them return home healthy. but we've all heard about the norovirus that affects some cruise ships. and it seems to have hit "the celebrity mercury" hard. more than a quarter of its passengers, 400 people, are ill. and this is the third sail in a row that it's happened. here's yunji de nies. >> reporter: it's the cruise ship that just can't seem to get clean. hundreds of passengers are out at sea with a nasty stomach virus, believed to be the norovirus, with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, champing and chills. what is it about this virus that makes it so contagious and
7:42 am
dangerous? >> it's a virus that only requires a few viral particles that make an infection. secondly, it's extremely difficult to inactivate. >> reporter: last month, 400 people on "the americas mercury gts got sick. sara and her mother-in-law and family friend got sick. >> people weren't coming to dinner. a lot of people stayed in their rooms. and didn't go anywhere. >> reporter: because so many have gotten so sick, the center for disease control is recommending that "the mercury" stop sailing for at least three days. for a thorough disinfection. celebrity cruises tells abc news, when the ship docks on thursday, they'll under go a 72-hour sanitation plan, with 50 crew members carpet cleaning and 12 sanitation technicians. the norovirus can thrive on
7:43 am
ships. turning dream vacations into anything but. bennett said the trip she planned for over a year was ruined. and we has one question for celebrity cruises. >> why do you let people on this ship when people continually get sick? >> reporter: a question that many sick passengers surely share. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news. what is this particular virus? and how can you keep from getting it? joining us now is dr. richard besser. so, what is it? >> it's a bad player. and not because it causes such severe disease. it doesn't. it causes dehydration. but it's so easy to get. it spreads very easily. and not just on cruise ships. i think the reason we hear about the cruise ships so much is they're required to report it. there's a lot of disease that goes on around the country that's unreported. this one, we know, causes over half of all food borne disease. >> it's easy to get on land, too.
7:44 am
>> that's right. >> but this particular cruise ship, rich. the third sailing in a row that this has happened. 400 passengers. what's going on on this particular ship? >> they're nowhere near the record. the record is 12-consecutive cruises. three is pretty bad. it only takes ten organisms to get sick. this particular virus, it lives on surfaces. so, you could have someone who is sick in a cabin and leaves. a week later, you go into that cabin, you can get sick from the surface. you can get it from someone who's ill directly. you can get it from food. you can get it from water. you can get it from touching things. so many ways to get this. it's not like infections where there was a mistake in the kitchen. >> i think some people will be surprised it can be spread through food. you saved your money. spring break. you're heading to that cruise. you know what's going on here. how can you protect yourself? >> well, there are a few things you can do for yourself. and there's things you can do
7:45 am
for others. one of the reasons this keeps coming back is people reintroduce it on the ship. you saved for this cruise. the cruise is coming and you don't feel well, you don't want to skip that cruise. but in planning for your cruise, a few things you can do. go to the cdc website. you can see the ship inspection. and you can see what was the score. that gives you the general sense of hygiene. it may not protect you from norovirus. but it may help. the big thing you can do is something we say all the time. >> let me guess. wash our hands. >> it's true. hand washing, alcohol jells, will help with this. be really careful when you're in contact with anyone who is sick because it spreads so easily, person-to-person. >> it's very uncomfortable. but how serious is it? >> it's very unlikely it will put you in the hospital. but it will ruin your vacation. >> it certainly will. rich, thanks so much. march madness is upon us. the president puts his selections with the brackets. come on back.
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7:49 am
now, "around the watercooler" this morning, it should be green water. >> that orange dye. >> all shades of green covered here on the couch. it's march 17th. it's march madness. the president taking a break from dealing with health care, to weigh in on another heated debate, the ncaa college basketball championships. espn's senior writer, andy katz, and george burke, an exclusive
7:50 am
look at his picks. >> syracuse/butler? >> i think syracuse keeps on going. yeah. i just completely messed that up. >> s-y-r. >> come on. sorry, guys. malia and sasha are going to tease me about this. all right. >> kansas state down here. i have kentucky. and west virginia comes out. >> okay. >> i'm going to pick duke here. i have been completely brainwashed. and i got nova. that's my elite eight right there. >> okay. >> former governor of kansas? >> she is a fanatical jayhawks fan. >> she was there the other night, i believe. >> she is a maniac. >> do you take care of kansas here? >> i do. because i want her to be happy when she's working on these important issues here. and here, what i think may end up being the best time of the tournament, kentucky/west virginia.
7:51 am
>> now -- >> and i think kentucky pulls it out. and here, i finally break away from reggie love. and i pick nova. >> wow. okay. >> that's my final four. >> ooh. and he also did the women's tournament. did the brackets with doris burke. >> let's review. he picked kansas, kansas state, kentucky and villanova to make it to the final four. my dad will be so proud. last year, he picked unc/chapel hill. >> i do what robin does and then sounds smart. >> i think he has a future after the white house. i think he'll join mike tirico and the gang at espn. >> it's tirico. >> tirico. >> he did go to the game with reggie. >> and georgetown. >> did you see the cartoon about the president? >> about the brackets. all about health care. health care. health care. and the winner is -- we'll see. >> yeah. >> and you can see all of the
7:52 am
president's picks on "sportscenter" throughout the day and at ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some reminders have a way of disappearing. [ cellphone beeps ] ours don't. [ computer dings ] payment reminders help you stay on top of bills. [ cellphones ringing, vibrating ] [ computer beeps ] get started at bank of america. [ female announcer ] when you have kids the phrase good morning takes on a whole new meaning. capri sun sunrise is a good source of calcium and vitamin c so every morning's a good morning. capri sun sunrise, i can respect that. capri sun sunrise, sea salts vary in color and taste.
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7:56 am
>> now, the forecast certified most accurate by maryland's doppler radar. the sun is out. that's a good start of the day. it's not too shacky for this -- shabby for this time of the year. we have 46 in falston. this is a hint of what we can expect this afternoon with the chesapeake bay around the western and the eastern
7:57 am
shores. we are watching the thermometer. 70s. we are building it back tomorrow, 68. friday and saturday, 70s, and then we have showers over the weekend. >> justin, we have a lot of heavy volumes around the area. let's look at the cameras. it's going nicely on route 44 on frederick road, but it is a little sluggish here. kenwood avenue and hazelwood
7:58 am
avenue with a school bus and minor injuries. d.c., 295 southbound, closed, and 29 is also closed at green castle road due to an accident. >>
7:59 am
8:00 am
this hour on "good morning america," oprah in court. the queen of talk is accused of saying too much, as she is hit with a defamation suit by the former head of her girls academy in africa. details ahead. plus, she grew up in the public eye. bombshell revelations about her famous father. now, she's making over her life and her look. a candid interview with mackenzie phillips. and listen up is your love life nonexistent? these women know. they are going to school you on the man impressions that turn you off.
8:01 am
just a little something to t hink about. >> great. giving out these long lists. >> no. that's not it. why would you think that, george? >> they have 311 things. a lot. >> and how did they get 311? >> ease up. >> how about keeping a list like that lowers your dating life. how about that? >> very good. >> i'm just saying. >> that should be a name of a book. just saying. we're saying good morning, america, on this st. patty's day. you're the only true irishman on our set. sam champion. >> my mother would be very proud. >> top of the morning to you, sir. >> and you aren't buying that st. patrick was a greek, huh? >> sam's not buying that, oddly. >> doesn't work. also this morning, one of the major decisions your child is going to make as they head out of high school. it's picking a college. and this is the season families
8:02 am
visit campuses in person or in virtual visits to make that all-important decision. we'll let you know what you need to make the most out of that college tour. and gerard butler is here in our last half hour. he is starring in a new movie opposite jennifer aniston. we're going to ask him about "the bounty hunter." >> a lot of people excited in the staff meeting. >> yes. juju chang is here with the news again. >> good morning. i was going to try to convince him that st. patty's was korean. the push for democrats to go back to health care overhaul is down to the wire. by this morning, we're expected to know how much the bill will cost. and a final vote could come by the end of the week. house speaker nancy pelosi says she may use a controversial procedure that would allow a vote on changes without a vote on the bill itself. tiger woods has made it official. he'll return to competitive play at the masters next month. despite the nearly five-month
8:03 am
layoff, to cope with a very public sex scandal, oddsmakers already have woods as the favorite to win. a new lawsuit against oprah winfrey may land the billion nar talk show host on the witness stand. she's being suzed for defamation by the woman she picked to lead her all-girls school in africa. this came during comments during a sex abuse scandal that rocked that school. oprah winfrey is scheduled to appear in court in philadelphia on march 29th. even reportedly changing her tv schedule to accommodate the appearance. oprah's lawyers wanted the defamation charges dismissed. but late tuesday, u.s. district judge declined, saying in a 128-page ruling, that winfrey's comments on the head mistress, quote, clearly would tend to blacken plaintiff's reputation or injure her in her profession." the suit was filed by the head mistress of the all-girl oprah winfrey leadership academy in south africa, which opened to great fanfare in 1997. >> welcome to the proudest day
8:04 am
of my life. the opening of the oprah winfrey leadership academy for girls, south africa. >> reporter: soon after allegations arose of sexual abuse at the school. >> this has been one of the most devastating, if not the most devastating experience of my life. >> reporter: a dormitory matron was charged with abusing six students. before that, oprah announced that she had, quote, lost confidence in the head mistress. and was, quote, cleaning house from top-to-bottom. and now, a final word on a report we aired on "good morning america" yesterday. "gq" writer was questioned about the photos that accompanied the interview. hunter had called barbara walters to say she was unhappy when she saw the photos of herself, in a white shirt on a bed. thinking none of those would be shown. she thought one head shot would
8:05 am
be used. depalo was told that hunter was told they would none would be head shots. now, for what's coming up later on "world news." hey, diane. >> good morning, juju. coming up on "world news," of course, the big stories of the day. we have an overwhelming response to our series on the middle class. the middle class help out to bail out the banks. what should the banks do in return? the comeback, saving america's middle class. juju? >> we look forward to it, diane. now, to sam with the weather. hey, sam. >> good morning. it's a sea of green. the studio's full. so many people. how many years the school's been here? >> six. >> six years you guys have helped us to dance out for the morning. i'm sure we'll get a little stomping going on. good morning. i love the green shamrocks on the side.
8:06 am
i have no broke. my grandmother would be disappointed. let's get to the boards. show you what's going on this morning. one or two things we want to start with. we've been concentrating with the rough weather on the east coast. look at the pictures from the west coast yesterday. it was a strong wind storm. the hood canal bridge was closed few hours. puget sound, a lot of dotes damaged. frees down. better weather on the west coast today in the northwest. we'll talk about the national oceanic and atmospheric administration has put out their flood risk assessment for spring. it is high in the area that is flooding right now. and above average in at least more than one-third of the country. and the southeast will have to watch and see how many rain is falling this spring. and when the snow melts and all of that. flooding will be a real problem, particularly in northern areas
8:07 am
was that pretty good? look at the green shoes. just -- turn around and face the camera just that way. george, okay. every now and then, anything cuter in your life? >> that is one great outfit. thanks very much, sam. he's happy about it, too. all right. look, it's here and it shows up there. >> you look great. >> that's fantastic. we're going to turn, now, to mackenzie phillips. the former child star stunned
8:08 am
the country, when she came out with her last book, describing an incest wous relationship with her father. now, she's emerging with a new look and new life. juju spoke with phillips. and she has the details. >> it's been five months since phillips went public with her shocking allegations about her famous father, john phillips, who died nine years ago tomorrow. since then, she's done a lot of soul-searching, amid all of the fallout. now, phillips talks about her transformation from the inside-out, complete with a new $50,000 face. >> hold that. hold that. >> reporter: what's the motivation? what's the vibe? >> the vibe is new and sleek and fabulous. >> reporter: at 50 years old, mackenzie phillips is unveiling her new look. it took 36 hours of dental work, botox, laser treatments and hair
8:09 am
extensions. are you happy with what you see? >> really happy. >> reporter: it's an outer glow that goes with the inner work she's done to herself. she's rock royalty, daughter of john phillips, leader of the mammas and the papas. she said her dad taught her to shoot up. but it was the bombshell about her decade-long sexual relationship, that she opened up and revealed on "the oprah winfrey show" that shocked the most. >> i woke up that night from a blackout to find i was having sex with my father. >> it went on for a very long time. >> yes. it became a consensual relationship over time. >> reporter: a stunning revelation. but one she has since redefined. >> as i was writing, i thought this word, consensual, it doesn't feel right. >> reporter: what was your relationship with your father? if not consensual? >> what i learned is there such
8:10 am
thing of consensual incest because of the inherent power. i don't think he had malicious intent. i think he was a man that was ravaged by drugs and alcohol. >> reporter: by the time she claims the incest started, mackenzie was already famous. ♪ this is it this is it ♪ >> reporter: playing julie, on the hit series, "one day at a time." but she was arrested for cocaine possession at 18, in danger of being a burntout child star. there's been a spate of tragedy surrounding child stars. corey haim and andrew koenig. >> i don't think there's a curse of the child stars. i think any cross section of a demographic, whether it be child stars or kids who live in miami, there's a lot of things pushing a lot of people for a lot of reasons to take a lot of drugs. and i think that that's really a big problem in our society. >> reporter: a rehab veteran, she recently sought help on vh1's "celebrity rehab."
8:11 am
>> i sat here at this desk for two years and shot dope and coke day and night. >> reporter: why was there blood on the ceiling? >> it's just the logistics of using a needle. you go to clear it and -- it's very difficult for me to reconcile the woman i was with the woman i am. even knowing that i lived like that is actually very difficult for me. >> reporter: her public self-cleansing also involves the painful side effect of being cut off by most of her family members. only half-sister chynna phillips, has defended her story. i wanted to ask you about chyna because she's having her own struggle. >> i'm sure, that as i have been affected, we've all been affected by the public nature of this story. i would stop short of saying that that is why chynna ended up in rehab for anxiety.
8:12 am
i love chynna. i support her recovery as she supports mine. >> reporter: when you came out on oprah, a lot of people were like why put it out in the public. >> right now, a child is being raped. oh, right now. a child is being raped. so, what should i do? follow the path of sweep it under the carpet, don't talk about it? the more you challenge the conspiracy of silence, the less silence be the acceptable. >> reporter: you're not going to stay silent. >> i am not. i am not. i am not. >> mackenzie phillips says whether it's drug abuse or incest, she says it's about getting rid of shame. i asked if it was to erase the ravages of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. she says she doesn't want to erase anything. but it's more about the insides than the outsides. you can pick up this week's "in touch." >> she wants to channel the pain
8:13 am
and do something constructive with it. >> she has received so many letters from victims of rape, incest, abuse, she's been touched by that. >> thanks very much. >> you're welcome. >> we'll be right back. this season, there are more reasons than ever...
8:14 am
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8:17 am
does not understand why he cannot get a date? can't figure it out at all. well, there's a new book, "undateable," that may have the answer. it lists more than 300, actually 311 don'ts that men do all-too often. and our taryn winter brill, t.w.b., has all of this. very cute. >> reporter: as pat benatar likes to say, love is a battlefield. according to the women who wrote this book, if men want to get a date, they better wear a uniform. when it comes to dating, what's the biggest turnoff? >> turnoff? probably bad teeth. >> jeans and dirty t-shirt. >> guy breath. >> if a guy's prettier than me, i don't want to hang out with him. >> reporter: finding mr. right isn't easy these days. >> you're saying 95% of the population is undateable? >> undateable. >> reporter: and that's where these women come in. >> this is the stuff that guys don't know because nobody tells them.
8:18 am
>> reporter: authors of the new book, "undateable." a guy may be doing the all the wrong things when it comes to attracting dates. >> at the end of the meal, he starts stealing the ketchup and mustard packets. >> it's a deal-breaker. >> if you ask any woman on the planet for one undateable story, she'll have one. >> reporter: stories from across the country, like the guy who gave his girlfriend plastic flowers or the textaholic that wouldn't stop staring at his blackberry on a first date. men might be guilty of some of the worst dating offenses. like the easily fixable offenses. >> a mullet. when you want to get down to the real kiss of death, it's the overly jelled hair and the eyebrows that are waxed and the bronzer. >> when we're doing our fist pump. >> reporter: the red flag comes in handy for behavior that may
8:19 am
not exactly be up to par. >> one of the things we found really undateable is a cheap guy. >> i don't have a lot of money. i'm not poor or anything. i eat a lot of spaghetti. >> we're going streaking. >> reporter: need we say more? but, of course, there are millions of men who do get it. >> you must allow me to tell you how ardently i love you. >> reporter: to them, we give you a thumbs up. we wanted to see if we could easily spot some of the red-flag offenses. so, we went on a man bust, to a man-friendly place, espn zone in times square. how's your dating life? >> i'm not dating anybody. >> reporter: i have friends standing by to give you advice. >> sure. >> one, backwards hat, no. >> messy hair is better? >> yes. >> it is? >> and this. >> okay. >> who are you communicating with? nobody's calling. now. look at this.
8:20 am
>> look at this. the before and after. you're cute. >> better? >> i felt like i was in a "solid gold" episode. >> what's under here? i need to see. you're adorable. and truly, is this what you want to say to the world in this t-shirt? here i am. >> i'm an m&m. >> reporter: do you always wear a blue tooth? >> side hat? >> have to represent. >> take out the bluetooth? >> try that. >> and lose the baseball hat. backwards? >> no. >> reporter: just when we thought we had lost all hope. ♪ hallelujah >> reporter: we stumbled across two guys that know how to do it right. what's the lesson learned? every frog can become a prince, if they just have a little help. >> i like the m&m t-shirt. >> you know. it's up for debate. we have a photo of a repeat
8:21 am
offender. exhibit "a." we covered his face for a reason. let's start at the top. look at the arrow. a man should never go shirtless. that's a complete undateable. the only time he can go shirtless is the beach and the shower and in bed. let's continue. you see the boxers hanging out. tmi, too much information. tmu, too much underwear. that's unacceptable. you see the garment he's wearing? sort of hanging on his hips. >> is that really -- oh. >> what would you call those? >> they're not shorts. but they're not -- high waters? i don't know. >> they're jeans sort of. they're sort of shorts. so, they call them jorts. just cease and desist. and two problems, white sox with sneakers. and he's wearing socks with sandals. >> it's what inside. >> we know that.
8:22 am
we know that. >> what's inside. >> if you're looking to get a date this, is what the authors say not to do. want to know when the men's equivalent of the book. you can read an excerpt of "undateable" on our website, if there's going to be a world with more birthdays, it'll start with the first step by you. and help us celebrate, remember, and fight back. we're the american cancer society. the official sponsor of birthdays. 6 years. i've had asthma forever. i never knew why my asthma symptoms kept coming back... ...kept coming back... ...or that i could help prevent them in the first place. the problem was that my controller medicine... ...was treating only 1 main cause of asthma symptoms. but there are 2. airway constriction. and inflammation. unlike most controllers, advair treats both main causes.
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on all 13 models, it's a whole new volkswagen. and a whole new game. ♪ s the perfect prescription for what we have been deal, the fine men and about how large forking the flooding since the weekend. with, 46 degrees, a chance to try out today. and next few days, a marked improvement impacti these are numbers from the top of the hour. but we warm quickly with sunshine. and the sunny day is going to allow the temperatures to boost up into the afternoon two. -degree guarantee is ten degrees above no massachusetts near 40 tonight. and, sunshine to a high of 68.
8:26 am
let's see what's happening on the roads. mail become an issue. >> thank you. , we're going to see sun glare the topside of the inner loop looking at 95 tonight outer loop, slow here as you make your way towards providence afternoon area, we do industrial incidents working around the ballet, debris in the roadway on the inner loop lanes at the nearby park roam dale, we have the accident closed from an germ involving as into. and york road southbound. and traveleds dr., expect exdream lace southbound. the parkway remains closed those delays are sold from route 30. a lot of traffic on 95 and route 1 as well going to take you roughly 7 minutes.
8:27 am
the the ballet, a six minute ride. and the outer loop, one minute so far a. slow as you make your way southbound at northern parkway nos. through wheel city. we'll right back with the morning news update next. if new questions as to whether anything could have been done to save a 2-month-wild by. the baby was found over the weekend. the 28-year-old remains in
8:28 am
custody this morningly. say that her 2-month-dilledded from blunt force trauma coverage record, she had four other children taken away and placed into foster homes they wanted of human services says the department now. very well known about the children boys alerted them. she is in gentlemen of the jury with second and first degree murder child abuse. s bill is being debated about the force of. >> and what their responsibilities are and how they can release information regarding this sort of thing that. spill set to be voted on torment. ahead this morning, more news to till about, police say they found the body of the woman see right there she was baltimore county whoop has been missing since november now. her boyfriend has been charge her murder hermit body was found nearly two weeksing aoff of interstate 95 in cinch he is
8:29 am
behind bars holiday bail. is st. patrick's day and if you plan to entrail, aaa and locale cab want to make sure that you get slimily. yellow cab will offer free rides to those that have been drinking. you to be entrailing in wheel city at a bar or restaurant. i begins at 4:00ment and continues until 4:00 in the morning. in to fall you need a ride, 877- 963-taxi we'll see you in a half hour. if
8:30 am
♪ i believe in miracles >> hello, times square. >> he's got charisma. he's got talent.square. and he's here. >> hello. how are you? hello. >> gerard butler. here on "gma." >> is it me? or did they turn the temperature up in here? >> the temperature went up about ten degrees. >> juju, when she was backstage. she said, too bad you're not too good looking.
8:31 am
>> he's had to struggle with that. >> i thought it was a great opening line, juju. >> thank you. i try. >> good morning, america. on this wednesday, march 17th. >> st. patrick's day. also, a story of health and healing -- he's telling jokes over there. cracking everybody up. we'll have a serious story, a woman spiraling into addiction. it's an inspiring story of starting over. and it's the time of year when parents take their children on college tours. and it's worth celebrating. and the mother/son or mother/daughter relationship. we'll let you know. we want to know whose birthday it is, sam. >> there's a little cheer on this st. patrick's day, robin. we go to suzie in augusta, kansas. i'm not big on giving the age. i said degrees to the poor
8:32 am
birthday -- she's 57 degrees. no. it's years old. and she is -- there's a lot for her to celebrate, though. this is her fourth year as a breast cancer survivor. so, rock to that. we also have a birthday here in the audience. sometimes we do. and it is riley, huntington beach, california. riley. >> thank you. >> i understand you brought -- i'll give you those. i understand you brought your own balloons. >> yeah. >> you didn't need ours. but you got yours anyway. >> thank you. >> hang here for a moment. our birthday cheer is brought to you by the american cancer society. go online and tell us if you've got somebody you want to send a cheer to. a little birthday shoutout to. let's go to the boards. one or two things to show you this morning. i have to show a twitter picture, too, because it's spring. in that, we got this from north
8:33 am
carolina. who is it? at grumpy1970. she's great. happy st. patrick's day. here are st. patrick's day cities. love emerald, washington, with the parade. a little fog this morning. quick look at the big board to look at what you're facing. it is showery in the northeast. little flowers will pop out of "good morning maryland." after a chilly start we carry on, going for our high of 67 degrees. how would you like a warmer day tomorrow with sunshine and 68. tick-tock. in just seconds from now, george is sitting down with gerard butler. but we first have a clip of his new movie, "the bounty
8:34 am
hunter. ". >> get in the car. >> i am not going to jail. >> i beg to differ. >> what? you're going to shoot me? >> nope. i'm going to shoot a cab driver. >> he's kidding. he doesn't mean it. >> no. i mean it. >> all right. can we just talk about this? >> fine. what do you want to say? i'm not letting you take me to jail. >> duly noted. >> no. >> gerard butler having fun with jen aniston in "the bounty hunter" and is here live this morning. the premiere last night. and you're here after an all-nighter. how are you feeling? >> thanks for bringing that home. that is a first. i absolutely no sleep whatsoever. i kept thinking, it's going to happen. it's going to happen. and it just never did.
8:35 am
i think you'll be crashing straight after this show. >> this crowd will wake you up. >> it already did. yeah. >> it did seem like you were having a lot of fun with jen aniston the other day. she was here. she said you were lovely to work with. i guess she forgave you some of the pranks you pulled on set. the wedding day prank? >> the wedding day prank. oh, yeah. this is when i think she was getting upset because she was all dressed up in a beautiful wedding dress. i was late. and it was to take some photographs. but i did turn up in an '88 delta oldsmobile. but in the middle of the photographs, my phone rang. and it was my mom. and coincidentally, i took the phone. i said, mom, i'm busy right now. i'm marrying jennifer aniston. and jen took the phone and had a conversation with my mom.
8:36 am
>> was your mom excited about it? >> my mom was so excited about it. she's desperate for me to marry. >> we got an e-mail on that show. has your mother ever met jen? and if she did, what did she think about her? >> she met her last night for the first time. but they talked on the phone a couple of times. i would say, they were excited to meet each other. it was lovely. they met last night. now, they have plans to go golfing together. jen wants to stay in scotland. and my mom to take her around. i think they very much fell in love. >> are you a golfer? >> i can play. i played a lot when i was younger. now, when i go back, my step dad will grab me on the course. i'm not bad. i'm better than i should be, considering how much i play. >> how are you handicapping tiger woods' come back at the masters? >> am i? >> handicapping tiger woods at the comeback?
8:37 am
>> how i think he's going to do? >> yeah. >> if there's anybody that can pull it out of the bag, it's him. it will be interesting to watch him play under that pressure. but the masters would be the place to do it. augusta would be the place to do it. i would love to see him pull something off. >> that would be something. you're going to be heading to haiti, soon, to help some schools. tell us what you'll be doing. >> i've been working with charity called peace and justice, with a lot of directors and actors. and they've been raising money to basically fund and sponsor schools. they were also there on the ground before the earthquake. so, they know how everything works. and have already been clearing away -- 17 of the 18 schools they were running have been destroyed. the average age of the population in haiti is 16 years old because the life expectancy is so low. the way forward will be schooling and education. so, we're working with -- ben stiller's charity is folding in
8:38 am
under ours. and we'll be building new schools and sponsoring -- i sponsored the school for five years. you don't necessarily have to sponsor a whole school. but contribute over a longer period of time. and realize that that's effectively and specifically going to a school to help educate kids. and those kids will always get meals and water and medication. while they're schooling. and i think that's a great way to look forward the future of the nation, as well. >> it sure is. i have to close with one question that every woman at the staff wanted me to make sure i ask you. they wanted gerard butler to sketch out his ideal first date. >> okay. i have a weird ideal first date because it's either going to be something crazy, like you end up jumping on a helicopter and going somewhere mad, you know? but not necessarily a beautiful, desert island. just, you know, a soccer game. or something fun.
8:39 am
or simply just walking. i remember, i know that sounds nuts. "so i married an ax murderer." they go on a date. and they walk through san francisco. they make up things as they go. and everything they come across is part of the date. i've had some of my best times when you're forced to deal with situations. and have so much fun. like new york city is the best place to go on a date. well, until they invented paparazzi. it's a little more difficult. >> there you go. ♪
8:40 am
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we want you to consider this. 23 million people in the u.s. need treatment for alcohol or drug abuse. and more than 20 million of them are not getting it. the new tlc series, "addicted," is going inside the lives of these addicts and the people who love them. and this morning, we have the story of one mother, amanda, and her struggle to get clean. >> i'm 31 years old. and lost everything. any cars i had, the house i had, my daughter. >> reporter: convicted a year ago of public intoxication, amanda has been ordered by a judge to stay clean. now, with no job or home, she is forced to move in with her parents. >> the fridge in the garage where all the alcohol is there is locked up. i know it's there. and i can't get to it.
8:43 am
every afternoon, i tried to figure it out for an hour. my dad must know i'm doing it because he ties it. i'm sober today. i wouldn't be if i could get into that. >> reporter: when amanda's parents go away for the weekend, she gives into her addiction, prying her way into the locked refrigerator. >> now that i'm alone and sober, why can't i have a glass of wine and smoke some cigarettes with friends and chill out? wine will never be noticed. that's the ticket. jose never goes wrong. he never let me down. >> reporter: when amanda's parents return -- >> are you okay? >> i didn't do anything bad. >> i'm 31 years old. and i had some drinks. >> reporter: they are hit with the harsh realization. they cannot do this alone. and it's time for intervention. >> hi. >> reporter: they have to do what's best for amanda. >> i'm a family interventionist. i want to hear from each of you,
8:44 am
how you feel about being here. >> i'm very grateful for today because i can't go on anymore. >> reporter: the intervention is successful. and after 30 days in rehab, amanda is back to face her family. >> what would you do at this point, if amanda were to show up at your doorstep intoxicated or needing help or money? what would you do? >> not going to happen. >> i'll only support her, as fred said, as long as she's working the program. >> we're joined by christina, who you met in the piece. she's one of the nation's leading interventionists. >> thank you for having me here. >> this is touching a lot of people. a lot of families are going through this. how is amanda doing? >> she's doing great. she's doing well. she's enrolling in school. she has visitations with her daughter.
8:45 am
she's in a sober living environment. doing very well today. >> it is day-by-day. >> it is day-by-day. she's growing increasingly anxious with the premiere tonight. >> we talk about the numbers. i don't care what walk of life, who you are. families are going through this. what is the first step of trying to help a loved one who is going through this? getting through to them? >> i think the first step for families, when they have a loved one that's addicted is first to acknowledge that they're powerless over it. and that they don't -- they can't treat this on their own. this is the mistake that families make. they try to treat it on their own. addiction is a disease of shame and secrets. the most important thing is to reach outside your family for help. if your loved one was diagnosed with cancer, you wouldn't try to figure it out on your own. you would go to experts.
8:46 am
you would go to doctors and finnics to find help. >> how do you find the help, though? how do you find the resources in your town to give assistance? >> in every town across this country, there are 12-step groups. there's the national council on alcoholism and drug dependence. they have charters across this country. and an organization that provides referrals and information for families and communities across the country. it's always a great place to go. >> i know you believe firmly. you work with a lot of families about having an intervention. we see it. we don't really know, understand it. you see it on tv, in the movies. and it's kind of glamorized. talk about the importance. and how as a family can you go about staging an intervention? a proper one? >> i don't advise families to do an intervention without a professional on board. however, i'm here to enlighten everyone that intervention doesn't have to be a secret.
8:47 am
it doesn't have to be an ambush. i do a family type intervention. i don't do an intervention that is focused on the addict. i do an intervention that is focused on the family. i believe addiction happens to family systems, not just individuals. does it make sense? behind every great addict, there's an equally great cast of characters that unintentionally allow the disease to progress. >> co-dependence. >> that's right. and you can have one person drinking and seven or eight people profoundly affected. i look at the whole system. i always don't do it as a surprise. the addict is informed of the intervention. and they're invited to participate. >> and you know of what you speak. you have gone down this road. 16 years now you've been clean? >> i have 16 years continuous sobriety, yes. >> how did you do it? what flipped for you? >> what flipped for me, i landed homeless on a floor -- dying on
8:48 am
the floor of a homeless shelter in san francisco, at the age of 21. what changed for me. the greatest gift my family gave me was the opportunity to run into myself. and it was on the floor of that homeless shelter that i realized that no one was coming to save me. and if i was going to do this life, i needed to wake up and pay attention. it was only in that point, only in that space, on the floor of that homeless shelter, when i was all alone, that i could reach outside myself for help. and that was the birthplace of my self-esteem. and that's the gift that families give addicted individuals when they back up out of it and let go. when they're brave enough to let go. my mom loved me enough to let me go. >> oh, my goodness. >> and it changed my life. >> thank you for sharing that. give your mom a big hug. >> thank you. she adores you. >> it's mutual. thank you for what you are doing. it's going to make a difference fo
8:49 am
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8:51 am
it is a crucial time for more than a million juniors and seniors who are getting ready to apply and go to college. and schools around the country are conducting campus fourps ann pleshette murphy is here. she's a veteran. >> i am. i have advice. >> this is important, even if you have to stretch a little bit, your time and your money. >> if you think you know the school, the kid wants to go to the community college. go to the schools that you've narrowed down. one of the most important things of narrowing down a list. one of the great tools you have is the internet. you can take a virtual tour. and you can connect with students online. your kid can go to facebook. they can go to the campus facebook page, or college facebook page. once you've narrowed it down, it is important to get on the train, the bus or the plane and
8:52 am
get there. and when you do get there, having done some homework about the place, you're going to do much better. >> what's the most important thing to do in that day you have on campus? or the time you have there? >> that's a good point. pace yourself. i made a mistake of trying to do three schools in one day. i thought i was going to kill myself by the end of the day. we didn't appreciate any of the schools. pace yourself. take the tour. but the most important thing is to get off the beaten tour path. ask students other than the tour guide the questions you have. make sure you look at the bulletin boards and you read the newspaper and you listen to the radio station. maybe grab a bite to eat at a local hangout because your child's experience outside of the classroom is going to be almost as important as in the classroom. but do connect with a professor or a coach, or other students so when the application says why do you want to go to our college, your child has some dimension of the school that he or she can relate to.
8:53 am
>> the whole life. >> i love track. and i met with coach smith. that's a big part of why you're there. also, sign up so that the admissions people know that you were there. that you took enough interest to actually take the tour. put your name down. your e-mail address. >> you also found a way to trim costs when you took your son. >> i did. i took a bunch of his friends. not a bunch but several of his friends to the midwest. and one of his pal's moms took my son. we agreed it was one of the longest weekends of our lives. but a good way to cu ♪
8:54 am
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have a great st. patty's day. and get inspired with a little riverdance. ♪ now, the forecast certified the most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most
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powerful top radar. >> look at the big warm up here, we have only had an hour and a half of sunshine but that has helped to jump our temperatures. we were down in the 30s, now pushing 46 degrees in westminster, i wanted to highlight this, it adjusted up to 50, we've got virtually clear skies, high pressure in control and a big storm on down towards our south that will be missing, us ignoring us, that will be a good thing. we aim for our guaranteed high of 64, with clear skies, and a relatively clear air mass, we clear down again. tomorrow we'll build back to about 68 degrees and the warming trend will continue for the end of the week this the weekend. more on that coming up at "good morning maryland," now our check of the roads with kim brown. you cane expect heavy volume on the top side of 695, as we take a peek here at the west side on wilkins, still a
8:58 am
little slow as you make your way on the inner loop. that is due in part to an incident we have. as you approach kay ton avenue an incident with a tractor- trailer disabled that is possibly leaking fuel that blocks the left lane, right lane and the merge right there. if you are headed towards d.c. the delays start from about 32, on 95 and 295, expect an extra 20 minutes acted on to your commute. that will tea you roughly 7 minutes between the split and the control plaza, we'll be right back with good morning maryland at 9:00. maryland's most
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